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ANGOLA: The Shameless Elite


Since 1975, the former Marxists of the ruling MPLA party have shamelessly exploited their people - which are eagerly hoping for a turnaround...

Angola is now Africa's second largest oil exporter - its rise began after the end of 27 years of civil war in 2002. A few years later, Luanda became the world's most expensive capital. But the billions from the oil boom flowed mainly into the pockets of the family of President Eduardo dos Santos, who reigned alone for 38 years. While in Luanda more and more skyscrapers and glittering facades bear witness to the new wealth of a small shameless elite, 55 percent of Angolans still live on less than a dollar a day.
In August last year, President Eduardo dos Santos did not run for re-election for health reasons. His successor, Joao Laurenco, promised to clean up the mess of corruption and finally help the majority of the poor. In the spirit of the party to which he belongs, like his predecessor: it is called "People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola MPLA". Our reporter Edgar Wolf, however, after his research, has great doubts about the truthfulness of his promises.

by Edgar Wolf - ARTE Reportage, 24 Min.

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