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About Us

For more than twenty years, we have been directing and producing documentaries as well as reports on various topics in diverse fields such as investigation, society, sciences, nature and environment which earned us awards several times. In order to combine our know-hows, we created our production company Apollofilm LLC in 2012. Since then, we have been developing film projects of international concern targeting the challenges of our time, and this from our headquarters in Strasbourg.

One of our main focuses in recent years have been the struggle for democracy and human rights in different countries, in particular in the major emerging countries like Turkey, Thailand, South Africa, Brazil and China. Through well-researched reports, partly filmed as undercover journalists, we are depicting the political and social situation among the countries concerned. Citizen movements exposed to repression or put under pressure by governments are to be found everywhere. But more and more committed citizens are fighting for their rights and aspiring for a brighter future.

Scientific, natural and environmental issues constitute a second key focus for our company. This doesn’t only result in productions for traditional television, but also, and increasingly, in cross-media films that we adapt to other platforms like the Internet or the virtual reality. Besides our requirements of producing films of high visual quality, of revealing the nature but also technology in a diversified, informative and aesthetic way, we wanted to tell captivating stories of humans overcoming today’s challenges with fresh ideas.


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