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  • ANGOLA: Die schamlose Elite
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The five documentaries of this collection visit five different continents, from the Arctic to the tropics, to explore the mesmerizing variety of our planet’s deltas, those border worlds between land and sea. Each film will document the distinctive flora and fauna of a major delta, with an emphasis on the responsibility of humans towards nature.

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Angola: The shameless elite
Death squads are killing young people living in the suburbs of the Angolan capital Luanda. Only a greedy elite is benefiting from oil wealth, whereas a lot of inhabitants of the periphery can hardly survive. Report on the governance and the arbitrariness in Angola.
By Edgar Wolf – ARTE Reportage and Deutsche Welle (24.30 and 28.30 min.).

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Poverty wages in Romania
Romania competes with low-wage countries like Bangladesh or Myanmar in the textile sector. So far, the textile industry in Romania has been using the label “Made in EU”, suggesting fair working conditions, though the reality is in fact the very opposite. The film documents the precarious working conditions of female textile workers in Romania.
By Eberhard Rühle – ARTE Reportage and Deutsche Welle (24 min.).

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