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Edgar Wolf

For 15 years Edgar Wolf has been making documentaries and television reports worldwide on topics in the fields of investigation, society, science, nature and the environment. One focus of his work is the fight for democracy and human rights worldwide, among others in Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Dubai, China and Brazil. For his documentary Dubai: Nightmare in Dreamland about the enslavement of Ethiopian and Filipino maids, which he realized together with 2 colleagues, he won the first prize at the international Humanity Explored festival.


A Prosecutor is Cleaning up - Hunt for the Mafia in Calabria – A Prosecutor is Cleaning up (32 min) for the program ARTE Re. Report on the fight against the Ndrangheta in Calabria. More than 400 suspects are charged in one trial. Mafia victims report. ZDF / ARTE / EdWolfProductions

Angola: The Shameless Elite
(28 min) for the ARTE program ARTE-Reportage and DW program Deutsche Welle (close-up). Report on governance and arbitrariness in Angola. ARTE / DW / Apollofilm

War in Kurdistan again (26 min) for ARTE Reportage and Deutsche Welle. In the war against the IS in northern Iraq and northern Syria, the Kurds are ready to fight. At the same time, the military in Turkey is taking massive action against Kurdish rebels ARTE / Apollofilm

Turkey before the Election - Critics under Pressure (24 min) for ARTE reportage. A film about the difficult situation of the opposition before the election, journalists are locked up, critics silenced (realized under a pseudonym with co-author). ARTE / Apollofilm

Conception of a two-part program for ARTE THEMA (2x52 min) Shadow Power about the smuggling routes of cocaine through West Africa to Europe (West Africa: In the Sights of the Cartels, 52 min). And about money laundering and the advance of the Ndrangheta in Europe (Operation White Vest, 52 min). ZDF / ARTE / Filme & Consorten

Operation White Vest - The Advance of the Mafia in Europe (52 min) for ARTE THEMA. Documentary about the influence of the Ndrangheta, the most powerful Mafia organization in the world and about money laundering in Italy, France and Germany (with co-author). ZDF / ARTE / Filme & Consorten

Turkey: Bitter Nuts (26 min) For ARTE reportage. A film about child labour by Kurdish adolescents and children during the hazelnut harvest on the Black Sea coast in Turkey. What responsibility do the Nestle and Ferrero groups have for local conditions? ARTE / Apollofilm

Turkey: Kurds against Islamists (12 min) For ARTE reportage. During the battle of Kobane the situation in the Kurdish south-east of Turkey came to a head (with co-author). ARTE / Apollofilm

China: The Rivers Die First (26 min) For ARTE reportage. Film report about the commitment of environmental activists in China and their fight against the dramatic water pollution in the country. In the “cancer villages” along the contaminated rivers in eastern China, Chinese activists support the victims of the creeping poisoning. ARTE / Apollofilm

Kurdistan: Withdrawal towards Peace? (26 min) For ARTE reportage. Film report on the situation of the Kurds in southeast Turkey and the retreat of the PKK fighters to northern Iraq during the beginning of the peace process between Turkey and the Kurds (with co-author). ARTE / Apollofilm

China: Crisis in Wenzhou (26 min) For ARTE reportage. Film report about the bankruptcy wave in one of the core regions of the economic boom in China. ARTE / fernsehbüro

Stolen Children of China (22 and 45 min) for the ARD program Die Story and for ARTE Reportage. A documentary about the struggle of parents of abducted and sold children in China.

Nightmare in Dreamland (45 min) for the ARD program Die Story. A documentary and undercover investigation on the situation of domestic workers from the Philippines and Ethiopia who are sold by human trafficking networks in Dubai and forced into slavery. Awarded by the Humanity Explored Film Festival. ARD / fernsehbüro

Desperately Seeking a Wife (45 min) for ARTE THEMA China Special - The price of progress. As a consequence of the long tradition of abortion of female foetuses, the lack of women to marry is crucial in rural areas. Networks organise the abduction and sale of women. NDR / ARTE / fernsehbüro

Stolen and Sold - The Lack of Women in China (30 min) for ARD Exclusiv and SWR-Auslandsreporter. An investigation into the women trafficking networks in China and their dismantling. ARD / SWR

The Tibetan Carpet - Secret Art from the Roof of the World (45 min) for ARTE Discovery (Documentary about traditional carpet manufacturing in the Wangden valley in southern Tibet. (With co-author). NDR / ARTE / Wilde Bilder

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