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Malagasy Gospel, the message of the children
has been part of the finalists for the 7th edition of the Spanish Festival FECICAM’s best documentary Award (Festival de Cine de Castilla la Mancha) supported by the director Pedro Almodovar. Our documentary will continue its way to different festivals during this year.

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Guatemala: Barbarism in the name of justice
ARTE Reportage and Deutsche Welle. A wave of lynchings is threatening the Guatemalan society. People are being intimidated, beaten and killed without any opportunity to access justice. Simple rumours are often enough to make villagers gang up against the accused person and murder him or her.

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Deltas – a cross-media project
The estuaries of rivers are landscapes of breathtaking beauty but also fragile ecosystems. A five-part series of documentaries and in virtual reality 360° on five different continents shows the fascinating diversity of our world’s deltas.

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