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A 5-part documentary series (43/52 min.)

First broadcast on ARTE from 8th to 12th of October 2018 at 6.35 p.m.

Ebro – The Green Jewel    
Rhine-Meuse – Land of the Canals    
Irrawaddy – Mangrove World of Wonders    
Amazon – Healing Tropics 
Yukon – Arctic Wilderness

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The delta regions of world’s great rivers are impressive landscapes of constant change, each with its own uniquely diverse ecosystem.
Often, river deltas are among a country’s most fertile regions. Human communities have often adapted their own habits to match a delta’s natural rhythms even as they have radically changed some delta landscapes. But humans aren’t the only residents of these rich habitats.

The five documentaries of this collection visit five different continents, from the Arctic to the tropics, to explore the mesmerizing variety of our planet’s deltas, those border worlds between land and sea.
Each film will document the distinctive flora and fauna of a major delta, with an emphasis on the responsibility of humans towards nature.

River deltas are fragile ecosystems. Many have been and are still being irreversibly altered by human activity. The series looks at how scientists and researchers are working to find ways to better support and utilize these special regions in order to ensure a future for the frail symbiosis between man and nature.

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